Nanoassembly Equipment

Chiral nano assembly machine

The automatic nanoassembly machine is the highlight of Chiral’s nanodevice fabrication process. Mechanical transfer of nanomaterials is considered the cleanest way to integrate nanomaterials into electronic devices, as it does not expose the nanomaterials to any chemicals nor does it require high temperatures. However, it has been considered too slow and manual for high-volume device production beyond basic research.

This is how Chiral’s nanoassembly machine redefines the robotic assembly of nanomaterials.

Full automation. No human control is needed for alignment, assembly, and transition to the next device

Wafer-level assembly. On 4-inch wafers (or 8-inch wafers upon request). Chip-level assembly is also possible.

High speed. A few hundred placements per hour.

High precision. Enabled by advanced robotics and machine vision.

Clean integration. Chemical-free, room-temperature assembly of pristine nanomaterials.

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