Nanodevice Foundry

Here is a step-by-step overview of our foundry service for your nanoelectronic devices.


Device design

Our team supports you with layout designs and process flow.

Layout design and process flow

Substrate fabrication

If you have access to a cleanroom, you can fabricate the device substrates in your own facility and send them to us. If you don’t have the necessary fabrication capabilities, we will be happy to fabricate the substrates for you.

Fabrication of device substrates

Nanomaterial growth

We grow high-quality nanomaterials that will be integrated into your devices later.

Growth of high quality nanomaterials

Nanomaterial characterization

We select the best nanomaterials for your devices through tailored characterization procedures.

Nanomaterial selection process

Robotic assembly

Selected nanomaterials are robotically placed on the target device structures without any exposure to chemicals.

Robot assembly of nanomaterials

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